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We are recruiting now!
« on: April 05, 2013, 04:18:09 PM »

Over the past few years nA contributed lot to make the community what we have today. We have not just e-athletes, more of e-sports ambassadors that represent the community to the public. Most of the nA actively participate and organize both online and LAN events to keep the community alive.   

We are looking for the next generation of ambassadors and e-athletes who can help shape n00b Alliance and the community. 

We are recruiting for following games.

1. Call of Duty4
2. DOTA 2
3. League of Legends
6. Tekkan Tag Tournament 2
7. Trackmania

If you want to join us, register on our forum ([url=][/url] and create a new topic in recruitment section and post your application using the following format

1. Your name :
2. Your Nickname :
3. Your date of birth :
4. Where you live :
5, Professional status (school/undergraduate/working) :
6. Your email address :
7. Your Xfire id :
8. Yahoo/MSN/gtalk id :
9. What games you play :
10. Primary game that you want to sign up for(COD4/CS/DOTA/NFS MW/FIFA) :
11. Secondary game you are interested in(COD4/CS/DOTA/NFS MW/FIFA) :
12. If you were in a clan(s), mention here with the time period and the reason(s) for leaving that clan(s) :
13. How did you hear about us :
14. Why you want to join our clan :
15. Why we should recruit you :

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